Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Kansas Outdoor Recreation Forum Introduction

This forum, hosted by the KS Dept of Wildlife, Parks and Tourism, is designed to elicit public input via interactive blog/forum format on several specific questions relating to publicly and privately supplied outdoor recreation. The FORUM will be moderated by Dr. Sid Stevenson, Kansas State University and the input will be shared with the State Outdoor Recreation Plan Advisory Committee in their September meeting.  

The SCORP (State Comprehensive Outdoor Recreation Plan) is updated every five years and public input such as this forum and survey are important to that process.   These planning efforts are tied to federal matching grant funds made available to governmental agencies for parks and recreation areas acquisition and development.   The primary grant is the Land and Water Conservation Fund, and over the last 50 years this fund has helped in the development of hundreds of outdoor recreation projects in KS. 

The focus of this form is on managed park use, issues and needs; and the type of experiences users hope to have on these sites.    Discourteous and mean spirited postings will not be allowed.  We all realize there are areas that need improvement and the intent here is to provide a dialogue from which real solutions are forthcoming…so while widely varying opinions are recognized and welcomed, each must contribute to providing better outdoor recreation experiences.  

Four topics will be covered:
  • June 21- July 4 TOPIC:  Which outdoor recreation facilities are most in need of renovation or replacement at state and federal parks in Kansas to best enhance outdoor recreation experiences?  Specific examples are welcomed.  
  • July 5 - July 18. TOPIC:  Share a story of a meaningful outdoor recreation experience that you or your family had in Kansas and how the site where that experience took place contributed.
  • July 19 - Aug 1. TOPIC:  Which of the following local outdoor recreation experiences would you like most to be within walking distance of your home (if you live in town)?   Trails/picnic areas/sports venues/natural areas/playgrounds
  • Aug 2 - Aug 15 TOPIC:  Improved access to natural outdoor experiences, particularly those water based, is important for urban dwellers.  Please provide suggestions on how this can best be achieved and examples of success stories.
The comments on these topics and the answers to the Outdoor Recreation Survey will help determine the vision for of the State Comprehensive Outdoor Recreation Plan.


  1. osage state fishing lake needs to be on a stocking program and I would like to see some cabins

  2. Joe,

    Thanks for your comments on Osage State Fishing lake


  3. Hi Joe,

    Good fishing success is definitely a park draw. Would you likely rent a cabin or do you see the potential based on cabins at other SFLs?